Tips Anthurium Care

We just received an Anthurium as a gift. It’s in a pot which looks too small for the roots. Should we repot the plant into a bigger pot? Is watering weekly enough? What light does the plant need to stay healthy and flower?


Anthuriums don’t need a lot of “root room” to grow. From my experience, the “flamingo flower” likes to be a little root bound.
Most Anthuriums you’ll find at the garden center will be in a 5″ or 6″ inch pot. Keep the plant in bright light (north or east windowsill would be best) but NOT direct light, watering on a weekly basis is about right. Generally they like to stay moist but dry out between watering. In Hawaii they grow the plants for cut flowers in volcanic rock where the water drains quickly.
If you have smaller pots you many need to water a little more regularly. It is better on the watering side to underwater - less rather than more water.
Consider rotating the plant a quarter turn each time you water for even growth.
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