Now im telling you about mailboxes Although this era has shifted to the digital era but the letter or the document in a phisic manner continued to be needed as authentic proof that was not yet replaceable by other at least up until now.In banking and the other financial agency, the document that was mentioned also as hardcopy is still   needed as authentic proof for the supporter of each financial transaction. In spite of that with the private matter or the household, the letter and the document phisik still   needed.
The level of secrecy and his privation that still were not yet replaceable the other media.To support the letter activity to write letters one of the means that must be provided is mailboxes.yes mailboxes. It was the place to accommodate now letters or the document before being sent or taken by the recipient.
For the personal requirement, mailboxes this usually was placed in front of the house in such a way as to be easy to be covered by the official post or the courier but also the owner mailboxes personally.Likewise in the office or the company, mailboxes really will be needed for the acceptance activity and or the sending letter-write letters and the other important document.

Besides this, mailboxes also often was used by the company of letters and documents of the sending service provider like the office post. This company needed him to accommodate now letters or documents of his owner to be able to be delivered by the office side post.
Mailboxes for this activity usually apart from being placed in front of his office also was placed in strategic places that often were visited by the person, like mall, the market, the supermarket, et cetera.

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