Tren the decorative plants business was the psychological aspect of a kind of behaviour likewise from the characteristics of humankind, there was a pattern of the business that was arranged by several of the community's certain groups that made use of the condition tsb.
Moreover indeed from the characteristics of JeImageHost.orgmani crop anatomy and the wave of the love was the crop that had the surplus among them the characteristics kept from the weather and his appearance might exposed, to in the two crops became the choice that succeeded in could be made the object.
To form the business to trend this kind was by means of making the atmosphere with the pattern of the request in a fake manner, that is the request that not actually.
This appearance request was engineered by the strength from certain people automatically tended to support him.
Resulting from from this appearance request against this commodity to soared, was not controlled in fact apparently irrational
There were several factors of a commodity will have a high sale value, that is if the request increased, but was not matched by the availability of bargaining.
However not all the requests berponteni created the continuous profit.
Depended the request kind that was triggered by the consumer because of the increase in their requirement for the product simultaneously.
The example gazed at price lebaran of the egg and sembako must rise, because everyone will celebrate lebaran.
The appearance request will create the appearance market.
The characteristics of the appearance market were including the product or the commodity that is sold, usually wrapped in the myth, the strength disappeared, the miracle that covered him.
Jemani for example to be made an issue of that this crop it seems was the crop of the kings who had the magical power

Moreover Javanese's community that liked uthak-athik matuk, caught kejadiaan this as the omen of the time.
Jemani was interpreted by Kejem lan Wani (cruel and brave).
They connected with the increase in the act of criminality that was accompanied by the violence, the cruelty, and sadism.
Not only that, emerged also arbitrariness of the officials in the form of the policy that tormented the people.
If Anthorium or the wave of the love he said the crop that had the strength hoki that was high.
Jemani and the wave of the love were to be the commodity instant.
As in the case of during boming him the Arwana Fish and lohan that once ngetren, then naturally the commodity instant was increasingly was pursued increasingly expensive, because of making the person increasingly curious.
The feeling was curious will cause panic buying.
However when the curious feeling was fulfilled, then the price of this commodity will fall, except when this commodity had value or the benefit that was high for his user.

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