Anthuriums holiday plant

Christmas is filled with many traditions and no plant is more traditional for the season than the poinsettia. I found the widest variety of different poinsettias at Ted and Debbie's Flower Shop and chose a new variety "Orange Spice," a natural red-orange color.

But what are other good choices of flowering plants for the season?
I received the a catalog from Logee's Greenhouse, which grows plants for home and garden. Pictured on the cover was an anthurium plant, with its red spathes and growing on a Hawaiian lava rock.

Anthuriums are another plant for Christmas and are also known as flamingo flower, boy flower and pig tail plant. They are in the aroid family and related to sphathophyllums (peace lily), philodendrons and pothos.

Like poinsettias, these are from tropical America and produce colorful heart-shaped "flowers." What makes them so attractive are the shiny and waxy 5-by-4-inch or larger spathes that are red, orange, pink or white.

These flowers are on individual stems held above the foliage. Best of all, these flowers will last up to eight weeks on the plants.

The foliage is dark green and up to three times the size of the colorful spathes, making the anthurium a handsome plant even without its flowers.

And they are not any harder to keep or grow than their cousins the spathophyllums.

But they do need higher humidity and higher light levels such as an east-facing window.

Or if a south or west window is used, protect the plant
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