Close Dried Flowers Glass, Mas and plain. Consists of 6 Close cup WITHOUT tatakannya. There is also consists of 6 Close cup tatakannya below.

Product specification, part of the material made from natural material (dried flower). Handicraft product dibalut with this polka-dot design (gold) and plain (water hyacinth). Example product details, see the items in the other product.

This product can be used not only for the needs of families, but can also gift for newly wed, gifts for colleagues, etc.. If you want the price for this purpose can be more dinego (wholesale price).

Price Rp 20,000 / 6 pcs, Rp 25,000 / 6 pcs, and Rp 30,000 / 6 pcs. Price not including shipping charges. Product KODIR BANG (Bangil City Embroidery).

In addition to the above products have some of the product that you can get here: the tissu, cover food, decorative lights, plaited bag, etc..

Interested, contact HP 08123.390.730, Flexi 0343-778.1985 or 0343-741024, email
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