Jual Bunga

provide various kinds of plants for the various needs of our location in bandung, jawa barat plants we sell our high quality standards to ungulan. The plants that we provide and the price is as follows: Flower POT Price per collection, with the seeds still Anakan normal quality anturium \ Rp.50.000 wave love Rp.50.000 jemani \ Rp.50.000 and many more, we can provide on-demand consumer Price per flower decorative POT, seeds are the height of a normal quality roses \ Rp. 20,000 jasmine \ Rp. 20000 cayenne black Rp. 20000 sensivera \ Rp. 30000 puring and more, we can provide on-demand consumers cut flowers per piece price range: Rp. 15.000 - Rp. 25000 Carnation chrysanthemum herbras roses / carnations and more, we can provide on-demand consumer prices can change according to market conditions and negotiations between the seller and buyer. Those interested can contact the father in lacquey +6281321123366 or in
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