Mawar Cantik dan segar Bugar

Supplier BUNGA MAWAR segar .mawar jambu , kembang mawar, A rose is a shrub of the genus Rosa as well as interest earned the name of this plant. Wild roses that consists of more than 100 species mostly grow in the northern hemisphere the valve cool. Species roses are generally a thorny shrub or climbing plant can reach 2 to 5 meters. Although rare, high-climbing rose plants in other plants can reach 20 meters.
Most species have leaves that between 5-15 cm in length, two-two opposite (pinnate). The compound leaves of each leaf stalk consists of at least 3 or 5 until 9 or 13 children leverage leaves and leaf (stipule) is elliptical, pertulangan pinnate beringgit edge edge, tapered at the tip of the leaves and thorny stems close to the ground. Roses really are not tropical plants, most species eroded all the leaves and only a few species in Southeast Asia evergreen throughout the year.
Flowers consist of five pieces of leaf crown with the exception of Rosa sericea which only has four pieces of leaf crown. Flower color is usually white and pink or yellow and red in some species. Ovaries were at the bottom of the crown leaves and leaf sheath.
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