Pertanyaan seputar Jenmani

# Brian-Bekasi: Pak Deni, I want to buy Anthurium of each type of pot may be a 1? how much postage?
# Wawan-Karanganyar: Boss have what order, if for no-boss for ya, ntar tak swatch. Nuwun
# Purnomo-Surabaya: Sorry deni pack, get bibitan the varigata from any kind of price and how much? Thanks
# Dwi-Tangerang: ga Allow me to buy their pot leaves 1 to 3-4 HOKERI sweeta red and super rednya?
# Didin-Depok: Bung DK, I'm happy Sekar Puspita reduce the price according to market realities, I naksir garuda super red rednya same for the next. Thanks Bung DK
# Ilmi-Samarinda: Dear Mr. Deni, is there any stock biji2an jenmanii Anakan waves of love and leaves 4-5, the hargaanya?
# Bu-Ansari Jakarta: Pak Deni, I have the seed stock and super cobra jenmanii red?
#-Sragen Joko: Boss, I am new youth catalog cobra dapet 9 leaves, drop a boss I want to see .. Suwun
# ITS-Arif: Oce jenmanii waves of love and the price is boss, I may be there Monday to ...
# Andri-Malang: Boss, I have a showroom in the event, if I do not sell goods bantu? strategic location lho boss.
# Bandi-Purwodadi: Got betel Anthurium? I have teenagers that I want, ask for price + send photos ya .. Thank "s Pak Deni
# Rony-Jogja: Indukan than that in the blog, have any? who are ready to harvest?
# Gunawan-Mojokerto: Pak Deni, I find the black variants ngelis have not already?
# Raharjo-Bojonegoro: Indukan wave of love that is ready for harvest have removed a pack?
# Andreas-Ngawi: Pak DK, I would like to learn about the Anthurium Sekar Puspita can ya do? the plan would open nursery. GBU
# Indra-Lampung: I'd like to order the type of seed leaf 3-4 Black Beauty and Burgundy each pot 5 and the total ongkir it?
# Surosentiko-Balikpapan: I need a seed of love waves 2-3 leaves at least 2000 can be sent to here? love is not cheap ya want to sell more ... Thank's
# Ginanjar-Bekasi: I jenmanii search form oval bowl, especially for the contest, can pack deni bantu me?
# Lili-Bandung: Boss, blog keren banget nitip can I sell ya? I have several collections jenmanii. Please ..!
# Ririn-Undip: Siang Pak Deni, I want to order seeds for red variants own collection, discount love ya ...
Rahmat-Gresik #: Boss, I have a good-good Adenium exchange can add bibitan Anthurium ama gak? makasih ...
# Sandy-Surabaya: Bung DK, Anthurium price is down and I spend a lot of capital, can be assisted in nurserynya marketed Pak DK?
# Maulana-Surabaya: DK Pak, when waves of love varigata have a yellow? or other types may be? Thank's
# Vishnu-Jakarta: What boss anthuriumnya business? hopefully smoothly ... somewhen borong Anthurium drop me ya boss ... Not many do'ain Rejeki Amin ..
# Endra-Jogja: like the Boss at this boom, the main variants keliatannya color and snake-hose .. at start sebar hunter?
# A-Peng Solo: Jenmanii varigata I ditawar collector, I like to tell photo please email pack deni assisted price range ... Thanks a lot
# Ji'i-Sragen: Pak Andi, when the goods would take my place again? is not no love jamin murah deh main take many ... Salam buat boss ...
Madi-kediri #: HOKERI black boss, ask tell this week in the pot first 100 ya ... other follow ...
# Yeni-Cepu: Boss, Anthuriumnya make loans maskot exhibition in Madiun ... Not take ya later ...
Pare-Bowo #: When to Pare pack deni? This Anthurium me sick I want to ask how it treated?
# Ayu-Kebumen: Have split black or black beauty selvet? how many leaves? harga berapa? ..
# Saiful-Jember: Mas Mas Andi and Deni, who have already ngelis Burgundy? Black dragon, or if there is no capture. ..
# Nur Cahyo-Banyuwangi: Anthurium have a unique? that is still rare? This boss is like to go immediately contact me ya ... makasih
-Solo # Didik: Keris black or black selvet have the playpen?
Cikarang-# BBG: I bibitan one message for one sample is boss, if the buyer later okay I take a lot. !
# Danu-Klaten: Boss deni, waves of love ready to harvest have indukan ga? how many are sold?
# Rendra-Magelang: Pak Deni, Anthurium chimney red lips have the stock? I immediately confirm it is, many buyers here.
# Gunawan-Makasar: Pak Deni, ask for info bibitan variants red and black image to send my email, makasih.
# Nirmala-Semarang: seed price is now the wave of love? take a minimum of how many?
# Sardi-Cikarang: I'd like to order mine shaft, garuda, stars and jungle bush KEJORA prices are ya?
# Ramli-Brunei: Siang Pak Deni, I would like to offer Anthurium Black Dragon and Black Marie, may pack Deni interest? ..
# Jogja-Ahmad: What I want to buy seeds, the minimum limit? shipping charges are per kg? jogja nyampe to how many days?
# Intania-Wonogiri: Black Beauty is the size of teenagers have deni Pak? I want a black garuda also.
# Purwanto-Bogor: Request list price for seed than in the blog, please email in to tell me. Suwun
# Santi-Cilacap: If raffless Anthurium and black pearl leaves 3-4 nyampe how? take a minimum of how many?
# Yeni-Salatiga: Pak deni, have seeds jenmanii leaves from 345 indukan good? infonya not wait for ya. Thanks
Elisabeth-Sby #: Pak Deni, indukan jenmanii dragon would be how? now how much I ga ear plug on the internet?
Agus-Gresik #: Boss, garuda indukan have red or black? cob and how does the price?
#-Ghani Temanggung: Pak deni, jenmanii super red seeds in a sale? I ask why only 2 for the collection. Trim's ya
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