Home Depot to close Expo stores

Home Depot to close Expo stores .Some employees have been caught. "Shock. It was a shock. It's only 7,000 of us, just passed," said Chris Toliver, who works at the Expo store business unit in Westwood.

"I'm young. I have 22 years," he said. "But what hurts most is the people in their 40 years of age or older, people with families who lose their jobs here. Unemployment is far from enough to feed a family."

Transferred to the Toliver Westwood shop eight months ago but is now looking for work in another industry. "Retail is a tough business," he said. "We have customer service skills, but no customers."Home Depot to close Expo stores

The Expo stores a target market of luxury remodeling that never seemed to understand, the company said. "Trading Expo has not performed well financially and is not expected anytime soon. Even during the housing boom of recent years, it was a solid company."

People laid off will be offered severance pay at least 60 days, "said spokesman Ron DeFeo Home Depot. Some may find other jobs within the company, said DeFeo, but unknown how many jobs would be available.

The decision will result in the loss of 5,000 jobs and 2,000 retail jobs to support retail, "said DeFeo. Together, the losses are a total of 2% of the workforce, Home Depot said.

Clearance sales at stores closing begins today with a discount of 10%, said DeFeo. Supply will increase as the stores down, "he said.
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