Foto Bunga Anthurium

Foto Bunga Anthurium. Bunga Anthurium FLOWER in fact his growth was good enough in the Tomohon City. However unfortunately the Anthutium population that consisted of several kinds like, Jenmanii, Star Buck, Sirih, Rufles, and Hookeri Marble that indeed had the value sold high this, began to be rare was seen. In fact the Anthutium population years were yesterday considered to be many. Apart from unique, luxury that terpancar from this flower made the collector of the fighting flower mutually. And that was arousing, the value sold Anthutium really fantastic because of could reach hundreds of millions rupiah. Perhaps this that made an amount florist in Kakaskasen Tomohon mutual fugitives received this crop to afterwards be distributed to the happy collector this kind. Anthurium at this time had difficulty being met. This that made us run out of stock of this kind to be sold, said Meilan, the seller of the flower in Kakaskasen, Tomohon, on Tuesday (8/1). According to him, the collector of the flower at this time began many that sought this kind flower. Now the Tabunakan Service headword (Agriculture, Perkebunan, Peternakan, and fisheries) the Tomohon City, Ir Vonny Fitje Pontoh, MBA to several reporters,
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