Hundreds of millions Kibaran the Anthurium leaves According to Ahmad Fauzi,the owner explored Nursery, in Jakarta, the Anthurium price was at that time compared with other more unpopular decorative plants his name.Moreover there are those that buried him in the land, without the pot as is now the case.Anthurium consisted of two groups, that is Anthurium that lived as the undergrowth in the forest and that clung to the tree trunk (the epiphyte).The Anthurium kind that often was pursued was Anthurium jenmanii.
Compared with the other kind, the A. noose jenmanii indeed strongest.Natural when hobiis was willing to drain his pocket.The condition very far different when A. jenmanii just came in 1984.That time, his lover very few.However, a year later, the person began to glance at the Anthurium existence.Gradually Anthurium this shifted the popularity of other decorative plants like Philodendron that at that time quite often had an interest taken in him hobiis leaves decorative plants.
However the Anthurium existence in the peak of the popularity was not old.The matter is, several years afterwards emerged other decorative plants that were more exotic from the side of the colour of the leaves and his flower, like Euphorbia, Aglaonema, and Adenium.In 1995, the Anthurium prestige increasingly descended, when colour elegance of the Aglaonema leaves increasingly captured till last year.Anthurium more often was remained the lover of decorative plants when emerging heterogenous more interesting decorative plants
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