how to make a anthurium seed

Currently the public is cultivated by various decorative plants kinds with the leaves as the framer of beauty.
This kind was varying enough, beginning with decorative plants that generally are dominated by the green colour, like Miana or Coleus (Coleus hybrid) that appeared attracted with colours of the contrast.
Kehadiranya will in the garden give nuances was brighter.
Was suitable to be buried mass as the carpet crop or border.
Likewise the cactus (the kind, prawns, and the gecko of the beads cactus), Aglaonema or was known with sri fortune as far as decorative plants was suspended, a kind kapasan, katerlak, Adiantum or suplir, Anthurium crystallinum or elephant ears and varigata.
This decorative plants kind needed asupan the nutrient from fertiliser with the dose of Nitrogen (N) to the dominant composition against P2O5 and Potassium (K2O) was increased with the Magnecium content (Mg), Sulphur (S) and Calcium (Ca) as well as Micro Element (TE).
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